The Fourfront Tri-Challenge

Fourfront Group swapped the traditional Bank Holiday pastimes of BBQs and heavy rainfall for something completely different – walking across burning coals and being catapulted over a lake, all in the name of charity!

The Fourfront Tri-Challenge saw employees from across the Group take on three daring tasks – a fire walk, catapult and a 160ft bungee jump – to raise money for Shooting Star Chase. The exciting day was held at Eton Dorney in Windsor and was attended by supportive colleagues and friends and family of the truly daring individuals taking part.

Shooting Star Chase has been the Group’s nominated charity since 2008 and through various fundraising events, Fourfront has raised over £250,000 for this fantastic cause.

The charity is a children’s hospice service caring for over 600 life-limited children, teenagers and their families living in West London, Surrey and West Sussex.

James Cornwell, Quality and Environmental Director and head of the Group’s charity committee said: “We wanted to do something really challenging this year for our main charity event, and what could be more exciting than bungee jumping over Dorney Lake?

“Everyone had the option of doing all or just one of the challenges – some brave souls went for all three, but even just the fire walk took a huge amount of positive mental attitude to get across the hot coals! The temperature of the coals was measured at 650 degrees.

“We had a brilliant day, the weather was fantastic, and more importantly we raised a lot of money for Shooting Star Chase.”

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