Fourfrount supports Cycle to Work day

Over 19,000 cyclists have already pledged to take part in Cycle to Work day, which sees the national event return on Thursday 03 September 2015. The event supported by Denise Van Outen and Cyclescheme, aims to encourage people to jump on their bikes to get into work, instead of public transport or driving.

Fourfront Group already supports this initiative, as in both our London and Egham offices shower and washroom facilities have been installed to cater to staff who choose to cycle into work. Being a part of The Cycle to Work scheme has also allowed a number of our employees to purchase a bicycle.

As part of our wellbeing initiatives, we also offer fruits and cereals every morning so that staff can have breakfast on us!

A healthy workforce is a happy workforce

Its well-known that regular exercise releases chemicals into the body called endorphins. These endorphins react positivity with the brain, reducing stress and resulting in a happier mood.

To encourage a fit and healthy workforce, more and more clients choose to install shower facilities in their offices - one example is global holding company Arcapita, who included washrooms into the design of their new London office, allowing their staff the option to cycle in and shower at work.

Wellbeing in the workplace

Wellbeing in the workplace is fundamental to productivity. The British Council for Offices says that 45% of workers complain they have a stressful journey to the office, so participating in Cycle to Work day can help combat stress levels before the working day starts.

To promote and to get the best results from your workforce consider other such as lighting. World Green Building Council research suggests exposure to natural light increases productivity by 18% and better lighting in general pushes up work rates by 23%.

Carefully considered design, such as an office interior that reflects your company’s branding and values can engage your staff within the space and promote a happy workforce. Within the design, also consider colour and greenery to contribute to wellbeing.

No bike? No problem

If for any reason you’re unable to cycle into work, there are many other methods in which to support wellbeing; such as stand up desks, walking meetings, offering staff a gym membership or even a company sport charity event.

Our client Pokerstars has introduced reconfigurable meeting rooms with foldable walls which can be converted into a gym studio at lunchtime for their staff to participate in physical activities, such as yoga. Not only will this promote wellbeing, but it’ll allow for team building in an organic way.

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