Fourfront Group Charity Event

This year’s charity event is taking place on Friday 6th July. Teams of 5 or 6 will be taking part in our very own trivial pursuit with a twist. It’s a race against the clock, and each other, to walk the 20 miles to the final secret destination with a couple of stops along the way…

Our nominated charity, Shooting Star Chase, has organised for each team to have their own iPad with a specially designed ‘treasure hunt’ app giving instructions on how to get to each location. At every stop teams need to complete a task, photograph it and upload it onto a portal, accessible by the other teams and the rest of the company. You will then have a question to answer, specific to the location or to FFG, and once you have got the question correct, you will be told your next destination.  

There will be starting points both in Egham and London, with each team starting 5 minutes apart and prizes for the team with the best fancy dress, craziest photo and the team who can fundraise the most amount of money for Shooting Star Chase.

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