Fourfront Academy

Investing in our staff

As a Group, we are extremely proud to invest three times the national average on training for our staff – this helps us to retain and attract the best talent. The Fourfront Academy is important not only to individual development, happiness and success, but is vital in ensuring Fourfront Group remains a leading organisation in the industry and, more importantly, delivers excellence to our clients.

Women in Fourfront

Supporting career development through a workshop-style learning environment with quarterly meetings and coaching sessions, the programme is specifically designed around female employees working in what is generally a very ‘male’ industry.


Members of staff from across all three businesses are given training as mentors to support more junior colleagues in their career development by sharing knowledge and experience. This formal supportive relationship enables both mentors and mentees to grow professionally and personally, as well as to step outside of their comfort zone.

We run a 360◦ mentoring programme


The Academy covers all of our training needs from across all the businesses. Key areas of focus include health & safety, environmental, legal and compliance, personal development and software training.

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