Sustainable Office Design

10 Steps to a Sustainable Office Design and Fit-Out

Explore our 10 step sustainable guide below or download the complete PDF guide.

1. Best Practice Planning

Using sustainable materials, making environmentally-conscious choices and employing energy saving technologies is now a requirement of office design. Plan your office redesign or office refurbishment project carefully to maximise space, daylight and the availability of fresh air.

2. Implement Energy Efficient Measures

Have you considered sub-metering of electricity and water, even zonal controls for your heating, ventilation and lighting? Implementing energy efficient technology in your office interior will save cost and have less of an environmental impact.

3. Government & Corporate Legislation

It is a now a legal requirement to consider the environmental impact of the design and build of an office. We ensure you comply with UK legislation around commercial design and fit out.

4. Involve Your Employees

‘67% of employees want to help their company reduce carbon emissions but do not know how’ (Carbon Trust Survey). Keeping staff motivated and encouraging them to implement energy saving measures will keep energy wastage down. You can involve them in a number of ways,

5. Maximise Office Comfort

Creating a healthier office environment improves staff morale, productivity and profitability. Office ventilation, air conditioning, anti-glare measures and natural daylight are just some of the ways you can create a comfortable office environment.

6. Use Sustainable Materials

The responsible sourcing of materials ensures that you have taken into account the environmental impact of the products that you are going use in your office fit-out. Always ask the following questions: What’s the recycled content? Are they locally produced? Can they be recycled or re-used?

7. Consider Enhanced Capital Allowances

Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA’s) are a straightforward way for a business to improve its cash flow through accelerated tax relief. The ECA scheme encourages businesses to invest in energy-saving products to help reduce carbon emissions.

8. Consider Using BREEAM or Ska Ratings

BREEAM (Buildings Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is a globally recognised scheme that aims to quantify and reduce the environmental burdens of buildings by rewarding designs that take positive steps to minimise their environmental impacts. Ska ratings are an environmental labelling method designed to rate and compare the environmental performance of fit-out projects for office buildings in the UK.

9. Be Smart With Your Waste

New waste management regulation has come into force and it will affect all businesses and how they deal with waste.

10. Choose the Right Contractor

Excellent environmental credentials are vital when selecting a commercial interiors contractor for your sustainable office redesign and fit-out. Our guide contains the essential questions you need to ask.

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