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Creating Sustainable Commercial Interiors

Fourfront Group always focuses on sustainable, environmentally-conscious design, to ensure we proactively manage our environmental impact.

However, green design is not just about the impact on the environment, but also on the occupants of the buildings, so we also design offices that are comfortable, healthy and efficient, enhancing space, daylight and fresh air. Our clients also value our ‘reuse, reduce, recycle’ scheme which minimises waste.

In addition to the information below, please take a look at our guide on Sustainability in the Workplace.

1. Sustainable Office Design

To help achieve success, Fourfront Group trains all staff in environmental awareness. We regularly audit our sites, identifying opportunities where we can introduce and implement new initiatives. Our extensive in-house training programme educates every employee from green novice to environmentally savvy Group representative. It also identifies where training and information must be given to improve our environmental processes, satisfy our legal obligations and cover all knowledge gaps.

It is important however, not to treat sustainable design as just an environmental issue, as social and economic considerations are also key to the success of a sustainable office.

Sustainable offices may not cost you a penny more. In fact, in the long-term, they can actually save you money through reduced energy bills and more efficient working.

2. Sustainable Office Fit-Out

We minimise the negative environmental impact of buildings by maximising efficiency in the use of materials, energy and equipment. All our materials and suppliers are chosen for their sustainable credentials, ensuring operations are of the highest environmental standard. Our leading suppliers’ environmental performances always match our own, ensuring we can offer a truly sustainable service.

For suppliers who haven’t yet managed to attain any formal environmental accreditations, we offer a place on a special training scheme Fourfront Group has developed. This not only builds their green credentials but continuously improves our own environmental performance and services.

3. Waste Management

‘Waste-to-landfill’ has a significant impact on the environment and a major challenge facing the industry overall. Initiating an effective waste policy will improve environmental credentials as well as ensuring waste is dealt with properly. An office recycling scheme involves two basic steps: setting up the infrastructure for the collection and storage of materials, and arranging for a collector to regularly pickup materials for recycling.

At Fourfront Group we have significantly reduced the waste going to landfill and also focused heavily on our waste production. We believe ‘reduce and reuse’ is the new recycle and are meeting this challenge on site through improved use of raw materials and a strict reuse policy.

4. Future Energy Conservation and Monitoring

Energy monitoring is key to managing energy consumption and as such, we have developed robust disciplines in checking our meters and record keeping. This ensures we achieve our energy reduction targets.

Awareness campaigns, coupled with energy saving technologies and turning down thermostats a few degrees, all help the Group collectively conserve energy and our results demonstrate this.

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