The world of work in changing. We believe one of our strengths is our willingness to explore and take on new ideas, and to always be part of the global conversation of what the future of work and workplaces may be.

It is because of this drive for knowledge and relevance that we are core, founding members of the WORKTECH Academy – a new global knowledge community focused on exploring the changing nature of work and workplaces. The aim of the Academy is to be a central hub of learning, research and insight, building on the success of the Worktech conferences which have been running for well over a decade in 16 leading cities across the globe.

We sit on the advisory board for the Academy alongside acknowledged international experts and leading academic institutions such as the RCA and the IE University of Madrid.

In short, we believe we are thought-leaders in our sector and can offer our clients unparalleled access to the latest thinking on workplace design.

To find out more, and to read our latest content from across the Fourfront Group, visit WORKTECH Academy.

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Chief Executive

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